TELA Technologies offers five primary information-outsourcing services

TELA Web Services - WebXpress

WebXpress is a web based document management system architected to store and access documents of any
type and provide custom designed Business Process Flow.
WebXpress provides a standard web interface that
encapsulates the extensive feature/functionality available to the user community.
WebXpress functionality
utilizes many of the established conventions used in ecommerce Web sites while adhering to all existing
standards required by demanding corporate clients.

Document Management Software

The TELA Technologies KIXO document management software is “state-of-the-art” software for integrated
document management Solutions. It can automatically process any type of document regardless of its format,
including control procedures that help meet audit and compliance requirements. KIXO imports them, classifies
them, adds a full-text index and makes them available for quick processing. Workflow, OCR, Image or COLD
make it a robust “must have” solution.

TELA Records Retention Services – Intersect Systems Software Solutions

As the exclusive reseller of Intersect Systems Software and Support, TELA Technologies offers a
comprehensive, integrated, state-of-the-art software system for records management that provides retention
schedule development, records management, document indexing and management, global editing, and
workflow  management in one package!

    •        Records Retention
    •        Records Management
    •        Document Management
    •        Workflow Extensions
    •        RCAMS SQL Database
    •        Many other Features

TELA Document Scanning and Conversion Services

With TELA Technologies Imaging Services, you will spend less time managing information and more time
managing your business. Our high quality scanning services featuring document capture, conversion, indexing,
archive and retrieval provides solutions for a variety of applications and formats. We have the flexible solutions
to capture your needs. Our experienced staff can provide customized solutions for any project.
Imaging Services Highlights:

    •        Paper document scanning and restoration
    •        Large document Scanning (CAD, Maps, and Schematics etc.) Size C,D,E drawings and more
    •        Film, Microfiche, or Aperture card scanning
    •        Film processing and Duplication

    •        In-house or Outsource solutions
    •        OCR Scanning
    •        Data Entry
    •        CD/DVD Duplication
    •        CD/DVD Software

No matter how complex your document imaging needs, our document capture and conversion services will
provide you with an easily managed, single source solution. One that helps you reduce your capital investment
requirements and allows you to redeploy your valuable resources.

Combining TELA Technologies Web solution with CD or COM services offers continuous availability and a back-
up media that can be stored securely off-site as a primary or alternate data source. The bottom line is, TELA
Technologies customers save time and money, expand there business, and keep customers happy.

TELA Indexing and Data Entry

An integral part of our services is our data entry center that includes a wide variety of data capture stations
operating on two shifts, which allows us to process our clients' work with unsurpassed accuracy and speed.

When it comes to indexing we have to be flexible. Whether it’s on paper-lists, survey results, enrollment data,
business reply cards, and medical claim forms -- or by electronic transmission, we can accept it all. We enter it
manually (from image or paper) or through computer assisted data capture, using optical character recognition,
mark sense and MICR.

Few service bureaus can compete with the quality and speed of our manual data entry, keying both from image
and paper. Utilizing production analysis reports, document and image controls, key verification and statistical
quality control, CDP guarantees the reliability, accuracy, and integrity of our clients' data.

We have a dedicated team of programmers who develop customized validation tools for each indexing project
thereby offering unsurpassed quality standards. Such tools include check sums, city, state & zip validation.
Wherever needed we can also include address correction based on USPS verified addresses and also name