About Us                
TELA Technologies, Inc., a Texas Corporation, Veteran owned and with MBE and HUB status
under the State of Texas CISV/CMBL member program, specializes in document management
solutions including electronic document storage and retrieval solutions. These services provide
archive and retrieval services based upon the document accessibility, security and archival
indexing requirements of our customers’ businesses. Utilizing our extensive infrastructure, a
growing number of our customers transmit their documents to our data and document service
centers via a secure, high-speed, data network. Still others allow us to image and index their
documents and then upload to secure web site.

Founded by former Fortune 500 Information Technology and Sales/Marketing executives,  TELA
TECHNOLOGIES leverages decades of business and application process knowledge coupled with
an industry seasoned software development team that has long term applied experience in
database and Website design, application business process know-how and both scanned and data
originated document image management.

TELA Technologies, is a document management solutions provider with it’s primary focus on
image and information management. These services include the capture, conversion, distribution
and storage of information. As a sole source provider of complete information and image
management solutions and services, we provide an uncompromising guarantee of quality and
reliability.  To effectively meet the needs of our clients, TELA Technologies has developed several
complementary state-of-the-art lines of business based on industry standards.  Behind each one of
our services lies a history of maintaining our focus on bottom-line results while guiding clients
through each successive wave of business change.  Each of these services provides an element of a
total document and data life cycle management solution.

TELA TECHNOLOGIES integrates data, print stream and scanned documents into a seamless
"single point of reference" architecture that rewards clients with a  "zero resource impact"
implementation process.

Our business philosophy is simple.  Understand what the client needs.   Match deliverables
to the client's expectation.  Give the customer consistent, honest and reliable service, at a
fair price and that means good business practice.