Document Scanning
Are you inundated with  files? Has your time
spent filing, retrieving, faxing, copying, and
even shipping overnight documents diminished
your staff's productivity?
Imaging Services Highlights:

  • Paper document scanning
    and restoration

  • Check Scanning

  • Large document Scanning
    (CAD, Maps, and
    Schematics etc.)

  • Size B,C,D, E Wide Format  

  • Film, Microfiche, or
    aperture card scanning

  • In-house or Outsourced

  • OCR Scanning
Storage Space:
    With paper files growing at the rate of 15-20% a year, many firms are running
    out of space to store client files on-site. In addition, with the high cost of rent,
    storage costs continue to escalate as well.

    TELA Technologies document imaging solution essentially converts your
    paper files into electronic files (PDF or TIF) which can be stored remotely or on
    CD-ROM. If office space is at a premium, document imaging may be a critical,
    long-term component to your solution.

Disaster Recovery:

    What would happen to your business if you had a serious fire? While some
    businesses have a disaster recovery plan for electronic files by storing copies
    off-site, paper files are excluded from such a protocol. Recent client files
    residing on-site are susceptible to fire or water damage.

    By turning your paper files into image files, copies can be securely stored off-

Remote Access to Documents:

    You are on the road and need critical documents: "I need these documents
    faxed over." Having the option to download needed files to your laptop
    computer or PDA allows you to take the entire client file with you for easy
    access. Back at the office, access to image files remains uninterrupted by your
    use. Getting additional documents while traveling is easy via email.

    Moreover, multi-site businesses benefit from access to documents in an office
    down the street or across the world.

Internal Efficiency & Workflow:

    It is estimated that the average office spends 15% of their time filing and
    retrieving documents. Often, files are in use by another in the office or taken
    from the office, thus increasing frustration while diminishing productivity.

    By implementing our document imaging solution, files can be retrieved
    immediately from your desktop PC and can be re-filed easily. Employers
    benefit from a long-term return on investment with immediate impact.

Shared Access:

    Shared access to documents has often meant regular visits to the photocopier,
    such that, the copier itself becomes a higher cost due to increased use.

    With TELA Technologies solutions, everyone has access to the same file at
    the same time, thereby eliminating the need for additional copies. If revisions
    are made to the document, everyone has them immediately ensuring everyone
    is working with the most current version.

Web or Internet Access:

    We have found that many businesses want to or are required to provide
    access to client information with respective clients via the Internet. This ranges
    from e-mailing documents to clients to making documents available over the
    firm's website. Click here for more on TELA Technologies Web Hosting.

Our Web Hosting products solves these issues now:

  • PDF documents are ideally suited for sending e-mail attachments.
  • They are compact in size, minimally consuming available network bandwidth.
  • Recipients can view and print the document easily
  • you can also secure the document by sending it with password security at
    document level. This same document-level security can be used for documents
    accessed via the web.
Microfilm scanning

Our high speed film scanning
equipment converts both 16mm
and 35mm film. We can handle a
wide spectrum of film reduction
ratios. Our scanners are equipped
with sophisticated image
enhancement software that
produces the highest possible
quality electronic images.

Microfiche scanning

Microfiche formats are pre-scanned
to evaluate the precise location of
images. They are concurrently
scanned, rotated, deskewed and
despeckled. We have the capability
to work within our customers
schedule to minimize client
turnaround time.

Aperture Card scanning

Engineering drawings maintained
in aperture cards are scanned on
high speed film scanning
equipment. capable of up to 400dpi
resolution.  Keypunched (Hollerith)
index information is captured and
recorded simultaneously with the
scanning.  Typed cards are keyed